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Book a live music band in France (wedding, private party…)

25 août 2022

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LiveTonight est une plateforme de réservation de musiciens, groupes de musique et de DJs. Animée par des passionnés de musique, notre objectif est de développer la musique live en France et d'accompagner les musiciens et les DJs dans leurs défis du quotidien. L'équipe compte aujourd'hui plusieurs milliers d'événements organisés avec une sélection d'artistes triés sur le volet, dans tous les types d'événements (mariages, soirées d'entreprise, anniversaires, bars et restaurants, festivals, salles de spectacles ...).

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Find and book musicians for your event in France (Paris, French Riviera, Bordeaux ...).

You’ll be traveling to France in the coming weeks to celebrate your wedding or just to enjoy some holidays with friends and family. You’ll be partying and you’re looking for entertainment and live music or DJ. Yet, you don’t speak French and it ain’t easy to find, contact and hire someone online, especially when you're not a native speaker and don't know the country that well. No more worries, we’re here ! 👌

LiveTonight is the French leader in the live music industry. We’ll help you find the best musicians for your event and book them easily. You will not have to worry about logistics or paperwork, as we’ll take care of all that stuff. We have all kind of music (jazz, rock, DJ, soul …), everywhere in France (Paris, Bordeaux, French Riviera …). 🎺

Tell us about your event here (or write us at "") and we’ll have a look at what are your needs and make them match with our musicians. We speak English so you’ll always have someone to call if needed. Cheers ! 🍾

book musicians for your event in France (wedding, private party, corporate event)

Book the best musicians for your event in France (wedding, private party, corporate event....).

Find and book a live music band for your event in France

Hire musicians for your event in France (Paris, Bordeaux, French Riviera …)

You'll be coming to France pretty soon and you're looking forward to party with friends and family. You're willing to find musicians for the cocktail, the dinner or to dance later on and you're not sure how to do that. We're here ! On LiveTonight, you'll be able to find and book great musicians for your event anywhere in France. We had thousands of applications and only 500 live bands have passed as we guarantee to have the best musicians in France. We always try to find local musicians for your event, should it happen in Paris, Bordeaux, on the French Riviera or anywhere else in France. No matter where is your event and what you're looking for, our team we'll find it for you ! 😀

hire all kind of live bands: jazz, rock (60s, 70s, 80s...), soul, pop, DJs...

You can hire on LiveTonight all kind of live bands: jazz, rock (60s, 70s, 80s...), soul, pop, DJs...

Top musicians for any event: wedding, private party, corporate event

When we started LiveTonight, we first used to work with the best hotels and restaurants of Paris. We then expanded to the whole country and started organizing all types of event such as wedding, private parties or corporate event. Hence, we know what people expect in theses kinds of event and we know that music should match the atmosphere of the given event. Tell us about what you're organizing and we'll manage to find the perfect match to entertain your guest and have a great time with music.

All kind of music: rock, jazz, DJ, pop, soul …

We have all kind of music on LiveTonight. Obviously people look usually more for jazz and rock music but we also have French music, pop, soul, pianist & singer, guitarist & singer, classical musicians ... At the end of this article, we give you a few examples live bands that could be at your event !

rock, jazz, pop: find the musicians you need for a French event

Rock, jazz, pop: find the musicians you need for a French event on LiveTonight

How to hire great musicians easily in France

How to find amazing live music bands on LiveTonight ?

It's easy to find great musicians for your event with LiveTonight. Fulfill this form (or write us to "") and we'll call you back to understand exactly what you're looking for. We then send you some quotes for free. If you like what you see and hear, you can hire the musicians in a few minutes. You don't like what you hear, just tell us and we'll send you new suggestions !

Don’t worry about logistics and paper work …

France is well-known for its heavy paperwork and organizing an event always means having a lot of logistics ... That's one of the strenght of LiveTonight: we take care of all that stuff for you. You'll only have to worry about listening to what we send you and then enjoy the D-Day !

DJ wedding France

Find a DJ for your wedding or private party in France

Find all kind of musicians for your event in France

Find and hire a rock music band in France

Rock'n'roll is one of the style of music that is best represented on LiveTonight. We have all kind of rock musicians: 60s, 70s, 80s, Beatles or Rolling Stones specialists ... Just tell us what you're looking for and we'll send you a quote for the best rock'n'roll band for you're event !

A cover band in France inspired by Bossa Nova : Red Pop Chili Bossa

Red Pop Chili Bossa is a cover band based in Paris. They mostly perform international pop music with songs from the 80s to the 2000s, with a touch of bossa nova ! Thanks to their energy and their talent, Red Pop Chili Bossa can give you a show tailored to your event : private party, corporate event, weddings etc. Watch the video below to see a bit of their typical performance :

Visit Red Pop Chili Bossa’s profile to book them for your event in France.

Cover Club, rock'n'roll band in France

Cover Club is a French rock'n'roll band who plays mostly in the region of Lyon. They cover all kind of rock'n'roll, all-time classics (Beatles, Stones, Queen) and more recent artists (Amy Winehouse, Pharrell Williams...). Discover the band with their cover of Help !

Book a French Jazz Band for your wedding or your private party in France

Jazz in the second most represented music style on LiveTonight. People love it and suits perfectly the atmosphere of a wedding cocktail or a corporate party !

Whisper Note, jazz band in France

Whisper Note is a French Jazz Band who mostly perform in Paris. They play in the most beautiful palaces of Paris (Park Hyatt, B Signature ...) and in the most classy events in France. They perform jazz standards or pop music that they'll turn in a jazzy way ... such as this Nina Simone cover, Feeling Good.

Find a DJ for your wedding in France

We're specialized in live music bands but we also have many DJs, as people often start their event with live music and finish it with a DJ. We have all kind of DJs, all over France, that we'll match your needs. Tell us what you need or what kind of event you're organizing and we'll find the best DJ to match it !

We hope that this article will help you find the answer to your question. We hope to hear from you soon. Cheers !

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Henri Jousse

Henri est l'un des fondateurs de LiveTonight. Passionné de musique, fan de rock et guitariste à ses heures perdues. Il rêve d'un jour pouvoir inscrire son groupe sur LiveTonight.

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